Групові заняття з носіями мови

Групові заняття на серпень 2020

Chat with Ranger Randi

I am a Park Ranger on the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway in Columbus, MS. I would love to talk to your class about the Corps of Engineers, the history of the Tenn-Tom waterway, animals we help through our wildlife mitigation program like the endangered gopher tortoise, invasive species and why we work so hard to manage them, or what it’s like to be a park ranger! I have access to children’s books if you need a guest reader. I have a special friend, Myrtle the Turtle who can make an appearance as well!


Дата проведення : 3 серпня 2020  20.00

Heather is a quantitative ecologist whose research is dedicated to understanding the population dynamics of Antarctic wildlife, with a particular focus on Antarctic penguins. She has over a decade of field experience in Antarctica and has helped pioneer the use of satellite imagery for studying the distribution and abundance of Antarctic seabirds. 


Дата проведення : 4 серпня 2020  21.00

Exploring the giant Kelp Forest

Come along on a kayak adventure paddling above an underwater forest along the central California coast. Atop of the Pacific Ocean, we’ll take an up-close interactive look at the giant kelp forest while observing some of the animals that depend upon it! We’ll discuss the human impact here and what we are doing to make sure Point Lobos is protected forever


Дата проведення : 5 серпня 2020  20.00

World Elephant Day

In celebration of World Elephant Day, August 12, The Sanctuary’s educators would love to tell your students all about our mission and the elephants that call The Sanctuary home.

Utilizing photos, Q & A, storytelling, and live-streaming EleCams in the elephant habitats, our educators will help your students foster a deeper understanding of elephants and their complex needs.


Дата проведення : 12 серпня 2020  20.00

Penguins and Polar Bears

Pupils take on the role of polar explorers and discover a world where temperatures fall far below freezing. They’ll find out how penguins and polar bears are perfectly adapted to their environment. Pupils will be encouraged to produce a news reports on the dangers polar bears and penguins face to help spread the word of the importance of protecting these incredible species.


Дата проведення : 18 серпня 2020  14.00

Групові заняття на липень 2020

Gab is an international award-winning photographer, conservationist, mountaineer, and emerging storyteller. Gab is currently pursuing a civil engineering degree at the University of the Philippines–he aspires to combine art and science in his career as an environmental engineer. He also works on the National Youth Council of the WWF-Philippines to educate and empower the youth to protect and conserve wetlands and mountain ecosystems through the art of visual storytelling. .


Дата проведення : 15 Липня 2020  21.00

Licenciado en Biología por la Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Y buceador desde 1981 con unas 12.000 inmersiones en todos los océanos del mundo y países de los 5 continentes. En la época universitaria se inició en la fotografía e imagen submarina de manera que se ha convertido en “un biólogo con una cámara”. El ejercicio de captar y divulgar la belleza desconocida de los océanos y los problemas de su conservación es su trabajo. .


Дата проведення : 15 June 2020 21.00

Erina’s work involves spending time with fishermen in different areas in the Philippines with the aim of using their knowledge to help identify vulnerable or locally extinct reef fish species. Join us to learn more about fishing communities in the Philippines..


Дата проведення : 15 June 2020 21.00

Photographers Matthieu and Danielle  will discuss the ways they approach their assignments in an attempt to understand and connect with the communities in which they work. The conversation will focus on their unique photography styles, which include immersing oneself into cultures other than their own and working in one’s own community to diversify local perspectives through photography. This week’s assignment will ask participants to explore what the concept of “home” means to them.


Дата проведення : 17 June 2020 21.00

GenGeo Careers in Exploration | Sociologist Ingi 

Ingi Mehus’ first migration journey, when she was adopted from Korea to Norway as a baby, resulted into a lifelong balancing act between identities, triggering an innate curiosity of everything that was different. Dissatisfaction with the current narratives about migration encouraged Ingi to found Pocket Stories, connecting people with unheard voices through storytelling to embrace and celebrate diversity. .


Дата проведення : 20 June 2020 21.00

Sarah Balouch is an ecologist and Ph.D. candidate at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia and her research examines the consequences of the decline of plant species on reptiles in the agricultural landscape of New South Wales, Australia. Join to learn about Australian lizards and her project investigating the movement ecology of tree dragons in Pakistan.


Дата проведення : 22 June 2020 21.00

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

🌵Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is the largest state park in California, working to protect over 640,000 acres of beautiful desert habitat. A part of the Colorado Desert, hot summers and little rain year round make this one of the harshest habitats to live in. Still, many flora and fauna thrive here.

From the bighorn sheep to the pup fish, and all the crazy creatures in between, the desert is an extremely biodiverse ecosystem.

Some species are easy to spot, while others are expertly camouflaged. But if you look even closer, you might be able to find evidence of life dating back over 10 million years!


Дата проведення : 22 June 2020 20.00

Through the power of storytelling, photographers Luján Agusti and Citlali Fabián will explore the connection between identity, culture, and place, including how these concepts intersect in the communities they live and work. Learn how they find and document powerful and distinctive stories in their homes and communities, and the importance of capturing photographs of the people and places closest to them.


Дата проведення : 24 June 2020 21.00

Angelo  is a marine ecologist interested in studying the biodiversity and ecology of coastal and deep-sea ecosystems. Angelo is currently working in quantifying land use and climate change impacts on mangrove forests in the Amazon region of northern Brazil. 


Дата проведення : 28 June 2020 21.00

Underwater adventure

Join us on July 29th  an underwater adventure!🦈🌊 This lesson is focused on shark research at Mote Marine Laboratory. We begin with an overview of shark husbandry and training at our aquarium and the research technology we use. We end with a Question and Answer session with our Ocean Expert.


Дата проведення : 29 June 2020 20.00


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