Розуміння мови на слух (аудіювання)

Listen to the speakers. For question (1-6) choose the correct answer (A, B, or C) Write your answers on the separate answer sheet. You will listen to each recording twice.

What will the boy bring for the barbecue?

Which part of the boy’s body hurts now?

What will the visitors see last?

Where did the police catch the zebra?

What did the girl do yesterday?

What computer game does the girl like the most?

Test 2

Listen to the text. For each question choose the correct answer

You will hear two friends talking about a campsite they have been to. What did the boy like best about it?

  • A it was very close to the beach
  • B There were lots of people his age
  • C The activities were free

You will hear two friends talking about homework The girl thinks that doing homework with friends

  • A Is fun
  • B Helps concentration
  • C Takes longer than doing it alone

You will hear a boy telling his friend about a rock-clibing trip

How did he feel about it?

  • A grateful for help he got
  • B satisfied with his climbing
  • C hopeful of going again

You will hear two friends talking about learning to play the guitar The girl advises the boy to

  • A practise more often
  • B play in a variety of styles
  • C listen to the best guitarists

You will hear two friends talking about a book they have read They agree that it has

  • A lots of action
  • B Realistic characters
  • C an unexpected ending

You will hear two friends talking about a concert they have been to. They agree that

  • A the organisation was poor
  • B The performance was good
  • C The tickets were expensive 

Task 3

You will hear a radio interview with a young singer called Mandy

Mandy started working as a DJ

  • A once she could afford the equipment
  • B after she lost her job as a nurse
  • C when she first left school


What  does Mandy say about her singing career?

  • A It started by chance
  • B it took years of practice
  • C It began with a song that she wrote

What is Mandy’s new song about?

  • A making new friends
  • B changing your mind
  • C finding life difficult

How does Mandy feel about her new CD?

  • A sure that people will like it
  • B pleased with what she is achieved
  • C sorry that it was not ready on time

Mandy’s favourite songs are those which

  • A are easy to dance to
  • B other women have written
  • C have interesting words

In the future Mandy plans to

  • A learn another instrument
  • b run her own business
  • C work in television